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Wrench, Ring Compressor

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No. 569 Cal-Van Universal Ring Compressor

Designed to handle all types of rings, including channeled, segment, etc. May be used on late model Chevrolet an Frod products with tapered block by using compressor upside down. Has beaded edge so compressor can't enter cylinder with piston. Positive ratchet lock of hardened steel. 


Height of Spring Steel Band           3-1/2"

Capacity                                          2-1/8" to 5" dia.

Type                                                Ratchet

No. 570 Cal-Van Truck - Tractor - Diesel Ring Compressor

This "Jumbo" Ring Compressor is just the tool for those large trucs, tractors, and diesel motors, where the top ring is more than 3-q/2" from the bottom ring.


Height of Spring Steel Band           6-1/2"

Capacity                                          3" to 7" dia.

Type                                                Ratchet