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  • Mirror, Display

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    Available in two sizes: 13" Octagon or 17" Rectangular.

    Give your guests the perfect setting to celebrate with our amazing beveled centerpiece mirrors! Event décor should be eye-catching and offer a good value for the cost. Items like our centerpiece mirrors are a great choice because they offer both of those characteristics in an item that’s also extremely versatile.

    Prepare to get creative when you have our centerpiece mirrors ready to display! Place them directly on the table and let the magic begin! Sprinkle gemstones, flower petals or confetti to create a simple yet powerful arrangement that catches the eye. We also carry assortments of garlands, silk flower, and other items that are sure to get guests in the mood to celebrate!

    Naturally our centerpiece mirrors also look stunning when used with a vase or larger décor. Position the mirror where you plan to setup the display then arrange the base right on top. When using heavy objects like glass vases, make sure you lift and set the object down rather than sliding it across the mirror’s silver finish.

    Mirrors will give your beautiful event décor depth and personality.  You can completely change the look simply by switching out the décor around it! Use pastels or a complementary color scheme for a wedding or do something wild to decorate for a wild bachelorette party! Our beveled centerpiece mirrors are also a must-have for baby showers, birthdays, anniversary parties and holiday dinners.  

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