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  • Sweeper, Hydraulic Attachment (Bobcat)

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    Product Description

    Bobcat Sweeper Attachment 
    Sweep, collect, and dump dirt and other debris with the sweeper attachment. Sweep clean, scrape mud going forward or in reverse. Ideal for construction, industrial or municipal jobs, the Bobcat® sweeper is easy to attach and simple to operate. It's reversible cutting edge helps cut loose caked-on mud, while the Sweeper's nylon bristles deposit dirt and debris in the container which can be dumped when full. 


    • Clean parking lots, sidewalks, docks, warehouses.
    • Sweeps and collects debris in forward or reverse.
    • Spreads material such as sand.
    • Dumps dirt and debris where you want it.
    • Reversible cutting edge for scraping caked-on mud.
    • Available Size: 60 inches.
    • Uses loader's front auxiliary hydraulics.

    When operating the sweeper, poly bristles deposit debris in the sweeper bucket to be dumped when full, eliminating the need for multiple clean-up attachments. Or use the sweeper to spread materials evenly across a work site. 

    The sweeper attachment is ideal for construction, industrial, and municipal jobs. For optimal bristle-to-surface contact in an easy-to-use attachment, choose the efficiency of the sweeper.

    Top Tasks

    • Clean parking lots, sidewalks, docks, and warehouses
    • Scrape mud and other caked-on materials from roadways, driveways, and other jobsites

    How It Works

    Bristles are mounted onto a tube that can be turned in either direction with a hydraulic motor. When sweeping in reverse the cutting edge must be on the ground and the bristles sweep into the bucket, similar to a broom and dust pan, When sweeping in the forward direction the bristles flick material forward against a rubber flap, go over the top of the bristles and are deposited into the bucket.


    • Poly Bristles: Deposit dirt and debris into the sweeper bucket, cleaning a surface with ease and eliminating the need for multiple clean-up attachments. Steel bristles are also available.
    • Reversible Cutting Edge: Helps to cut through caked-on mud and materials. Also, reversible capabilities of the cutting edge allow it to last twice as long.
    • Versatility: Operate the sweeper attachment going in either forward or reverse. Also, use the sweeper to remove debris or to spread materials evenly across a jobsite.

    Product Specifications (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

    SWEEPER 60"

    • Operating Weight: 758 lbs
    • Sweep Width: 60 in
    • Overall Attachment Width: 66.2 in 
    • Bucket Capacity: 12 cubic ft
    • Broom Diameter: 21.4 in 
    • Bristle Sections (Incl. w/Swpr): 30 
    • Bristle Material: Replaceable Polypropylene sections (steel sections avail.) 
    • Cutting Edge (Repl. Steel): 5/8" x 6"
    • Broom RPM: 145 @ 10 GPM
    • Travel Direction: Frwd/Rev
    • Compatible Models: 753, 763, S175, S185, T190