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Splitter, Bearing

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Product Description 

2 Sizes

  • For removing generator gears bearing cones bearings and similar parts that ordinary puller jaws cannot reach.
  • Knife edges are flush on one side for easy pulling. Bolts are heat treated for added strength.
  • No. 501 Capacity: 0″ to 214” , 7-Ton, Used with Puller No. 10 Cal-Van Timing Gear Puller (Small-AU67)  
    • Includes a Bearing Splitter with 4″ capacity two sets of hex push puller legs a 8″ bar type puller head mated with a custom thread forcing screw.
    • Professionals have a Puller-Bearing set for hard jobs up to 7-tons larger applications and greater reach 8″ to 16″.
  • No. 503 Capacity: 0″ to 414” (108mm) 58, 18 Holes , Used with Puller No. 242 Cal-Van (Medium-AU66)