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Sod Cutter, 18" Lawn

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Save and rearrange your turf in a snap!

Cut up to 135 ft of sod per minute with self-propelled action! The Jr. Sod Cutter packs a powerful 5.5 hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine and cuts swaths 18 in wide and adjustable depths up to 2.5". 95 of the machine's 356 lb is on the knob tread drive wheels, so you get good balance, easy handling and responsive turning. Separate dog clutches engage the cutting blade and traction drive for better control and makes quick, clean work out of a normally difficult task!


6 h.p., Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine, 182cc, oil capacity 1.5pt., spring-loaded belt tightener clutch, transmission has separate dog clutches to engage cutting blade, 8in. diameter knob rubber tread wheels vulcanized to cast iron hubs, up to 135 ft. per. minute, lubrication is oil splash in gear case, cutting width 18in., cutting thickness adjusts up to 2.5in., overall size 19in. W x 53in. L x 39in. H, weight 356lbs. 

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