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  • Saw, Concrete (Walk Behind)

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    Product Description

    • Compact, down-cut saw with plenty of power 
    • Dual-arbor saw with an 18” blade capacity 
    • 13 HP gasoline engine with a heavy-duty 1-1/4” stress proof shaft that is machine fitted and turned down for 1-1/8” bearings 
    • Weighs 233 lbs. and has side-mounted handles for easy lifting 
    • Adjustable handle for operator comfort 
    • Quick change arbor like large self-propelled saws. Not having external threads on the arbor shaft prevents the threads from being stripped 
    • 3-belt drive delivers full power to blade shaft 
    • More weight located over blade for fast, aggressive cutting 
    • Heavy duty frame and undercarriage are 7-gauge steel to eliminate frame vibration and bending 
    • Easy maintenance - change belts without removing bearings or arbor shafts 
    • Easy operation - large diameter crank lowers and raises blade - positive locking depth won't vibrate loose

    Operating and Safety Instructions