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  • Sandpaper, Sheet 8" x 11' (Garnet Paper, Wet, or Emery)

    Garnet Paper
    Designed for all types of bare wood sanding and finishing. Garnet abrasive fractures during use, continually forming new cutting edges. This sandpaper is the traditional choice of cabinet makers and woodworkers for producing smooth, fine finishes on bare wood. From 50 to 220 grit.

    Emery Cloth Sanding Sheets

    Flexible to fit contours and corners. Used for light rust removal and cleaning of metals.

    Wet or Dry Silicon Carbide Sandpaper Sheets

    For wet, oil, or dry sanding. Used with water, it gives a very fine sanding of paint between coats. Also used with oil for smoothing and polishing metals. From 60 to 3000 grit.