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  • Sandpaper, Drywall / Stucco Foam Backed Sanding Disc Pad

    $9.79 $8.75


    Drywall/Stucco Foam Backed Sanding Discs

    Single sided Silicon carbide cloth disc from Ozark Abrasives. Closed coat. Foam backing.  For use with power drywall sanders. The foam backing pad will help you to sand surfaces evenly and will give your workpiece some protection from gouges and grooves.

    • Used with Porter Cable drywall sander for fast sanding and smoothing
    • Foam backing pad ensures even sanding of the surface and eliminates swirling
    • Grits: 80,100, 120, 150, 180 grit available
    • Diameter: 8-7/8 inches

    Application:       Sanding drywall and joints, sanding plaster

    60 Removal of multiple layers of wallpaper*
    80 Removal of wallpaper, textured paint, paste, etc
    100 Fast sanding and smoothing
    120 General purpose sanding and finishing
    150 Final sanding and seamless smoothing
    180 Light weight quick-dry sanding and smoothing
    220 Extra fine sanding for light weight, exceptional finish*
      * Special Order Only - Call for quote