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Puller, Body Dent and Transmission Seal Puller

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  • tool used to pull dented sheet metal back into position
  • equipped with a 2-1/2 pound slide hammer
  • a 13 inch long shaft enable high pulling force
No. 495 Cal-Van 
Body Dent  and Transmission Seal Puller 
    Punch or drill a hole in the deepest part of the dent and insert the self-threading screws. A few raps with the sliding hammer, and you can return the metal to its original position. Shaft has 1/2/;-20 threads with locking device to keep screw from turning.
Transmission Seal Remover:
    This tool supplied with a hardened right angle hook that threads into the nose bolt of the slide hammer. This hook is used to remove transmission oil seals by inserting hook behind seal and using the slide hammer to drive seal out.