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  • Pry Bar Dolly, Johnson

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    Steel-Wheel Pry Dollies

    Perfectly balanced for moving heavy machinery, cases, and bulky equipment. Hundreds of backbreaking tasks around warehouses, loading platforms and factories are made easy. Built for years of hard service. 
    Lever: Selected hardwood. Tested for strength.
    Wheels: Rib-reinforced. Precision bored, free running fit. Diameter 5". Face 1 5/8".
    Lifting Plate: High grade steel alloy. Tempered.
    Finish: Lever, two heavy coats clear varnish. Lifting plate, black. Wheels grey.
    Axle: Quality steel. Accurately machined. 7/8" journals. 

  • Easy to Use, Compact & Durable
  • Versatile, Unlimited Range of Applications
  • Handles Loads up to 5000 lbs.
  • No. 77
    5000 lbs. Lift Capacity
    8" Lift Height
    7 ft. Overall Length
    6" x 3" Nose Width & Height