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Pressure Washer, Cold

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Product Description

Heavy-duty, gasoline-powered pressure washer with low oil alert.

Operating Information


 Read and understand these operating instructions before operating the machine.

Pressure washers operate at pressures ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI). Failure to observe these warnings could result in serious personal injury. Operate this equipment only after reading and understanding ALL instructions! If you experience any problems, contact the rental center immediately. 

Operating a High-Pressure Washer

  1. Check fuel tank and fill with proper fuel. Check oil level in engine and pump. Fill if necessary. Open fuel valve. 
  2. Attach any accessories to be used. (Check with the store about accessories available and instructions for use.) 
  3. Connect high pressure hose to the machine and gun valve with quick couplers. Make sure that locking sleeves are in the LOCKED position. Failure to properly lock quick coupler sleeves will result in blowing out the quick coupler o-ring seal. Excessive leaking will occur if quick coupler o-ring is missing. 
  4. Attach a standard garden hose (minimum 3/4-inch I.D.) to the machine and turn on water supply. DO NOT use a shallow lawn sprinkling well as a source! 
  5. With cleaning nozzle removed from the gun valve extension, squeeze gun valve trigger and hold open until a smooth flow of water appears. Then close trigger. 
  6. Start machine. Let it run for 3 minutes without load to warm up. 
  7. Select desired cleaning nozzle or accessory, and insert into extension quick coupler, making sure locking sleeve is in the LOCKED position. 
  8. Machine is ready for operation. DO NOT leave gun valve in a closed position for longer than 5 minutes with machine running. Stop machine to avoid overheating pump. 
  9. After cleaning job is finished, allow machine to run for one minute without load. Then stop the machine, and turn off the fuel valve. Turn off water at source and open gun valve to release system pressure BEFOREdisconnecting hoses.


The 0-Degree Nozzle This is a blasting nozzle. It delivers a very concentrated stream of water. Care should be used to avoid gouging wood or damaging fragile surfaces. Uses: Removing weeds from sidewalk cracks, stubborn stains from concrete, masonry, aluminum and steel, caked mud from equipment and cleaning lawn mower undersides.

The 15-Degree Nozzle This is a chiseling nozzle. The spray should be directed at a 45-degree angle to the surface and used like a scraper to remove paint, grease and dirt. Uses: Surface preparation (removing peeling paint and mildew stains(, cleaning gutters and downspouts.

The 25-Degree Nozzle This is a flushing nozzle. With a narrower spray pattern than the 40-degree nozzle and with more concentrated spray pressure, this nozzle is best suited for flushing dirt, mud and grime. Uses: Wet-sweeping leaves from walks, curbs, and driveways, cleaning stable floors, washing swimming pool bottoms and blasting barbecue grills.

The 40-Degree Nozzle This is a wash nozzle. Its wide spray pattern disperses the water pressure over a large area and is recommended for rinsing and moderate washing. Uses: Washing down aluminum siding, cleaning windows, washing vehicles, spraying sidewalks, driveways and patios.

Safety Information

Pressure Washer Safety


  1. ALWAYS wear proper face protection when operating this machine. 
  2. NEVER point the gun valve at yourself or another person. 
  3. NEVER fill the fuel tank with fuel when the engine is running, or if the engine is still hot. 
  4. NEVER start the machine until all quick coupler hose connections are checked to see that they are in a locked position. 
  5. NEVER start the machine until water is turned on at the faucet and water is flowing from the end of the extension. Then insert desired cleaning nozzle into the extension quick coupler. 
  6. ALWAYS keep hands and feet clear of the cleaning nozzle. 
  7. ALWAYS set the trigger safety lock when the gun valve is not in use. 
  8. ALWAYS relieve the pressure in the system before uncoupling. 
  9. ALWAYS tie down unit for safe transportation.