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  • Pedestal, Wedding

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    • 10 inch diameter, 30 inches tall
    • Can be used interchangeably with our Square CapitalIonic Capital, or Round Capital sold separately
    • Rotationally molded from durable polyethylene to resist chips, scratches and cracks
    • Immune to water, ice and snow for indoor-outdoor placement
    • 6 month limited warranty
    • Available in white. ivory, granite, millstone, sandstone, blackstone, and custom colors
    • Made in the USA

    Before a wedding or other major event, make sure you have the right combination of elements to create the proper atmosphere. Our classic fluted pedestals feature a traditional style that works anywhere. Whether you are celebrating inside a church or hall or taking the festivities to an open air setting, these lovely decorations are ready to impress guests and make the occasion even more memorable.

    The design is simple, but flexible. The pedestal rests on top of a smooth, square base. Subtle rings line the bottom where the stem and platform meet. The rounded stem that protrudes from the center is covered in a repeating series of grooves that add gentle texture to the finished piece. The tip is flat, offering a 10" diameter to place flowerpots, urns, small sculptures or any other gorgeous embellishment you want to set on top. This model stands 30" and can be wrapped in lights, vines, ribbons or fabric.

    These U.S.A.-made products consist of powerful rotationally-molded polyethylene. The strong exterior won't chip or scratch when properly used and maintained. Each is water resistant so you can place them in outdoor settings without risking the exquisite finish.  The lightweight size makes moving the pedestal as convenient as possible so you can experiment without overexerting. 

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