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  • Overhead Projector, folding briefcase

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    Designed for Professionals 

    Designed for professionals on the go, this totally portable projector makes an excellent traveling companion. Big on features, the 3M™ Overhead Projector Model 2000 delivers 1,600 lumens of light for crisp resolution and superior clarity. Weighing only 14 pounds, this lightweight unit packs plenty of heavyweight performance, and can be easily folded into its own carrying case for instant portability. Built-in lamp storage provides a place for an extra lamp for uninterrupted presentations, and ultra-quiet convection cooling eliminates distracting fan noise. Affordable performance and built-in quality make the 3M Overhead Projector Model 2000 the ideal portable solution for mobile users.

    • Compact and self-contained so it can be easily folded into its own carrying case
    • Optical stage constructed with a hard coated finish that resists scratching and reduces the chance of damage during ordinary use.
    • Built-in lamp storage space
    • Ultra quiet convection cooling eliminates fan noise that could distract from your presentation.
    • Convenient carry handle
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