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Mower, Sickle Bar

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Rental Rates: 

  • 3 Hour       $    45.00
  • Day            $   90.00
  • Week         $  270.00
  • 4 Week      $  810.00

The BCS Duplex Sickle Bar Mower steps it up a notch from its single-blade predecessor.  This unique and fast sickle bar attachment mows using two moving blades, each moving in equal and opposite directions.  The dual-action reduces vibration for the operator and increases efficiency in mowing applications.

Riveted guards on the lower teeth allow for no clogging of mowed materials, and have spring-loaded blade tensioners for decreased vacillation.

The duplex sickle bar is much wider than the wheelbase, so you can easily trim along slopes, ponds, under fences, and other low-clearance places you wouldn’t dare take a traditional mower. They can also be used for forage harvesting, most notably hay.