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Knee Kicker

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Product Description

No. 612 Knee Kicker

This classic kicker has a recessed trigger for length adjustment in five settings from 17¾" to 21¾". The visual pin depth dial provides nine different depth settings for various carpets. Power rods extending through the pin plate provide support and improved force transfer to the carpet. The gripping head includes three nap grips and a pin plate with 16 hardened steel pins. The standard thickness bumper is made from rubber for durability and provides a firm feel and impact that is preferred by many installers. Comes with gripper cap. Bumper, nap grips, and pin plate are replaceable. Net weight: 3 lbs.


  1. INTENDED USAGE: Knee Kickers should be used for light carpet stretching, since hard kicking can be injurious to the user. Use a power stretcher in situations requiring more than light kicking. 
  2. LENGTH ADJUSTMENT: A press of the trigger allows the choice of 5 length adjustments from 17 ¾" to 21 ¾". 
  3. PlN PENETRATlON: The pin adjustment dial gives a visual reference showing pin depth. Set the depth to the approximate carpet thickness. In use, the long pins should reach through the pile into the carpet backing, but not through the backing. 
  4. BUMPER PAD ROTATION: The bumper is seamless and is foam-filled. The pad can be turned for an even distribution of wear.