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  • Kilfrost Pneumatic Tool Anti-Freeze and Lubricant


    KILFROST® is not an additive, but a unique fluid designed to meet the three requirements of air powered tools: lubrication of moving parts; corrosion protection; and freeze protection.

    Use KILFROST® in place of your standard air line oil this winter to keep your pneumatic vibrators (and other pneumatic tools) operating at peak performance, and eliminate frozen airlines. No need for mixing, and no extra equipment required.

    KILFROST® is available in pints, gallons, 5-gallon buckets, and case packs.

    Not just for vibrators! other applications include air motors, cutters, deburring tools, impact wrenches and more.

    Common applications:

    • Air Controls
    • Air Motors
    • Air Vibrators
    • Chippers
    • Cutters
    • Deburring Tools
    • Drills
    • Impact Wrenches…and more

    Features & Benefits:

    • Superior Lubrication Properties
    • Absorbs Moisture
    • Prevents freezing
    • Provides rust protection