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Juice, Curved (8 OZ)

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The Libbey 618HT Governor Clinton 8 oz. beverage glass is ideal for serving juice and milk in any table thanks to its simple design that fits almost any decor. The curved sides are a subtle change from traditional straight-sided glasses, plus they add a little bit of extra grip for your guests. Its small, 8 oz. capacity makes it the perfect vessel for serving cold drinks to accompany your guests morning coffee.

  • Chip-resistant rim
  • Special heat treating process strengthens the glass
  • Resistance to thermal and mechanical shock
  • Curved design provides additional grip
  • Simple styling fits most any decor
  • Great for milk and juice
  • Excellent clarity shows off your refreshing beverages
  • Dishwasher safe
Height3 5/8 Inches
Bottom Diameter2 3/8 Inches
Maximum Diameter2 3/4 Inches
Top Diameter2 5/8 Inches
Capacity8 oz.
TypeBeverage Glasses

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