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Jack, Railroad 10-Ton Rachet

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Product Description

Type: Mechanical, Hand operated, Ratchet Jack - Capacity - 10 tons

Manufacturer / Brand: Simplex

How it works: Pumping action turns gears to raise the lifting shaft.

Value Added Feature: More lightweight, mobile & rugged than oil-operated jacks.

Applications: Recommended for lightweight lifting jobs and heavy duty load holding in the field & remote locations. Lighter models are used by telephone, light and power, and railroad companies. Heavier models are used by structural movers, riggers and maintenance crews.

Description: Also known as a railroad jack, notch jack, utility jack, hand crank jack or farm jack this mechanical lifting and holding jack is designed for stability in the field and on rugged terrain. This railroad jack features a large base to ensure a sturdy foundation. The heavy duty Ratchet Jack from Simplex comes with double-lever sockets for jacking when space is limited, while Multiple-tooth pawls provide safety and strength. Manufactured with durability in mind it is built with high quality materials: each jack is built with with drop-forged alloy steel, heat-treated components, adjustable spring links and precision machining throughout while plated springs resist corrosion. No Compromise dual lift points mean you can lift from the toe or head at the full 15 ton lift capacity. Safe and easy operation is ensured by a 2 position direction switch, just set to "lift" and pump to desired height or "lower" to safely lower the load by pumping it down.