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Hose Oiler, Universal In-line Oil


In-Line Filter Lubricators

One of the most common repairs an air tool undergoes is disassembly to clean foreign material out of the valve assembly.  In-Line Filter Lubricators help prevent this from happening.  The 40 micron filter can easily be cleaned or replaced.

These are heavy-duty in-line lubricators to be installed 6-8 feet from tool.  Designed for use with tools being used too far away from compressor to be lubricated by a permanently mounted unit.

  • Lubricator filter unit is an integral unit
  • Accepts a 40 micron bronze filter
  • Reduces down time
  • Prevents costly repairs
  • Extends air tool life
  • Casting design prevents breakage where a nipple has been used to connect filter to lubricator
  • Adjustable metering valve
  • Sight disk in housing to visually inspect oil level

These lubricators can be used on everything from an air scribe to a paving breaker.

No.         Description                    
(Fl Oz)
Hose Barb Pipe SizeMax. Working PressureOil Wt. Req.Air Flow
at 70psi
X2LIn-Line Lubricator11.0 3/4"NPT300  10 WT 70