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Hopper (Only) (Texture Paint Machine)

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Product Description

  • This is the Gun and Hopper for a PATTERN PISTOL Spray Machine
  • Patented trigger locks gun in ON position to reduce hand fatigue and provide consistent spray pattern
  • Aluminum gun halves interlock for improved seal
  • Larger polyethylene hopper holds 30% more joint compound
  • New brass thumb screws allow easy pattern changes
  • Orifice dial has seven settings
  • Comes with with two air nozzles: 3/32" and 1/8"

Operating Information

Pattern Pistol Spray Machine

Stanley / Goldblatt Model 13301

Important: The compressor that is used should deliver at least 7-1/2 cfm.

In general, it will apply any sprayable material that will feed through the hopper by gravity and will go through one of the orifices. If there is any doubt whether you can spray a specific material, get a bag and try it before you go on the job.

You can change the texture applied by the Pattern Pistol by adjusting these four things:

  1. Size of the orifice and orifice opening - controlled on gun.
  2. Trigger Setting - controlled on gun.
  3. Amount of air pressure - controlled with compressor.
  4. Mix consistency - controlled with mixing equipment.

Size of the orifice: The Pattern Pistol has a circular orifice disc attached to the gun. You can select any one of five orifice sizes: 7/32", 1/4", 5/16", 1/8" and 7/16". To change orifice, pull the trigger back at least 1/8"; rotate the disc to position the orifice you want to use; then tighten the thumbscrew finger tight. It is not necessary to use pliers to tighten the orifice disc. The size of the orifice you use depends on the size of the aggregate in your mix. It is not necessary to disconnect the air hose to refill the hopper. Releasing the trigger stops the flow of material immediately.

To change Air Stem Openings: A small wrench is provided. It is not necessary to take your Pattern Pistol apart. Simply turn the orifice plate to the to the largest opening, and use the small socket tools supplied to remove the air orifice from the air stem.

Mix consistency: Follow the manufactures instruction when mixing materials. If you have trouble, call your material salesman or distributor.

Clean both gun and hopper with clean water.

When mixing material to be sprayed, material must be mixed thoroughly, consistency of Buttermilk, and free of lumps, Mix to a stiff pour, add water until when dragging your finger through the mix, the trace of you finger starts to mellow out. If all the water is placed at one time, the aggregate will separate from the mix. This would not make a desirable texture. If this happens, add material, and re-mix. An empty 5-gal. bucket may be used as a stand to hold gun and hopper for filling the hopper.

WHEN SPRAYING SIMULATED ACOUSTICS: loosen the hex nut on the relief valve, and screw the relief knob all the way down and tighten the hex nut. The gun may be adjusted by loosening the orifice plate nut and pulling the trigger back. Dial the orifice plate to the third size opening, counting from the smallest opening, to the third larger size.

WHEN SPRAYING SAND FINISH WITH DRYWALL MATERIAL: adjust the orifice plate to the smallest, or next size larger opening leaving the relief valve the same as when spraying acoustic. The same applies when spraying cement, sand, and lime to cement surfaces.

WHEN SPRAYING ORANGE PEEL TEXTURE: adjust the orifice plate to the smallest opening, and the relief valve at the same setting as for acoustic texture. Set the stop hook on the gun so that the air orifice will be approximately 1/16" from the orifice plate. This will allow a small amount of material to flow from the gun and the air pressure will cause the pattern to leave and orange peel texture.

WHEN SPRAYING A SPLATTER TEXTURE: loosen the hex nut on the relief valve, and adjust the air pressure to approximately 4 lb. to 6 lb. pressure. Dial the orifice plate to the third smallest opening, or the fourth size opening. The size of texture may be changed by air pressure, and changing openings in orifice plate. This may be applied over a sand finished surface.

A SPANISH TEXTURE: may be obtained by toweling the splatter texture in all directions the splatter texture in all directions. Avoid up and down, or back and forth motions. This applies to both cement and drywall materials. Spanish texture may be applied over a sand finished surface.

HOW TO SPRAY GLITTER: The Pattern Pistol will spray glitter, though it is not the most efficient tool to apply this material. You will waste a little more glitter than with a special glitter gun.

  • Keep your material and gun dry. Use your air hose and compressor to dry out gun and hopper.
  • Don't wait too long to spray glitter. There must be enough "tack" left in the surface of the material to form a secure and permanent bond with the glitter.
  • Don't use too much or too little air pressure or you will waste material. We recommend about 15 psi to apply glitter to acoustical materials; about 25 to 30 psi to apply glitter to cement and stucco surfaces.