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  • Hoist, Drywall Panel

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    Product Description

    Telpro Drywall Panelift


    • Allows one person to work alone
    • Hangs drywall in sizes up to 4-feet x 16-feet on any ceiling or wall up to 11-feet high
    • Mounted on easy rolling, 5-inch casters
    • Fast action, single-stage winch with silent cam lock brake
    • All welded steel construction
    • Extensions for the PANELLIFT® Brand Model 138-2 are available for walls and ceilings up to 15-feet high.
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    Product Specifications (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

    The TelPro Original PANELLIFT® Model 138-2 is the industry's leading drywall lifter. Why struggle with wallboard when you can single handedly lift wallboard up to 11 foot walls and ceilings. Cradle tilts laterally 65° for easy loading and for installation on walls and sloped ceilings. It also tilts longitudinally 10°. Fast action, single stage winch with silent cam-lock brake easily lifts and lowers wallboard so you don't have to strain your back! Made in the U.S. and the clear choice if you're not into buying disposable equipment.

    NOTE: The standard reach of 11 feet is heightened to 15' with the Model 186 extension installed. The Model 186 consists of two 6' telescoping sections and cable. It replaces the two 4' telescoping sections and cable of the standard lift. The 186 Extension option raises the loading height by 2 feet therefore can not be used on an 8 foot ceilings.


    • Wallboard Size Capacity: Up to 4' x 16'
    • Single Sheet Quantity Capacity
    • 150 lbs. Load Rating
    • 11' Max. Standard Reach (15' Max. Height with 4' extension installed)
    • 37" Standard Loading Height (58" with 4' extension installed)
    • Net Weight: 100 lbs.
    • Caster size: 5"
    • Manual power source
    • Single-stage cable lift mechanism

    Safety Information

    MAXIMUM capacity - 150 lbs.

    DO NOT exceed rated capacity.

    USE for drywall lifting only.

    ALWAYS wear a hard hat when operating unit.

    DO NOT disengage lock and allow lift to free fall.

    LOCK casters before use.

    The load rating of the PANELLIFT® Brand Wallboard Lift is 150 lbs. DO NOT load the unit beyond this limit. Load only one sheet of wallboard at a time.

    Keep hands, clothing, and hair away from chains and movable telescoping sections.

    DO NOT operate unit while under the influence of alcohol or other substances which may impair operator judgement.