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  • Heater, Tent Propane 80,000-BTU

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    L.B. White® Premier® Tent Heaters deliver safe, dependable heating and air circulation for any occasion. From elegant weddings and receptions to large corporate venues and commercial exhibitions, the Premier's® clean look, quiet operation and fuel efficient direct-fired design make it the perfect heating solution for any tented event.

    With its lightweight design and easy-grip handles, the Premier® 80 offers the ultimate in portability. The Premier® 170 has easy rolling wheels to be positioned easily. Bumpers/lifting handles make loading and unloading a breeze. All Premier® Heaters arrive ready to use and are extremely easy to operate. The compact, remote thermostat allows you to manage temperatures where activity is. The advanced Service Saver feature makes maintenance a breeze.

    Premier® Heaters are equipped with an array of safety features for tent heating, including a totally enclosed flame, built-in temperature management, air flow safety devices and fully enclosed electronics. All L.B. White® Premier® Heaters are certified to meet or exceed CSA USA and Canada safety standards.

    Available in either 80,000 BTUs with remote temperature control and a variety of air distribution options, the Premier® delivers clean, comfortable air where you need it, when you need it.

    Key Features:

    • Direct-fire design is 99.97% efficient
    • Quietest tent heater available
    • Automatic remote thermostat
    • Dependable, easy start electric ignition
    • Versatile indoor or outdoor placement
    • Attractive, durable white Tri-Shield finish
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