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Heater, Kerosene 150,000-BTU

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Kerosene Forced Air Heaters
K100-FAT(100,000 BTU/HR) and 
K150-FAT(150,000 BTU/HR)
Safe, efficient and easy to operate - just plug into any 110-115V 60hz receptacle. These heaters feature continuous ignition and automatic safety shut-down if flame goes out. Built-in thermostat is incorporated on both models K100-FAT and K150-FAT.

Corrosion-resistant steel fuel tanks:12 gallon on K150-FAT

Approximate hours of operation on a full tank of fuel: 10.4 hrs.

Clean burning is assured by motor mounted air compressor, which siphons and atomizes fuel. Built to industrial and commercial standards, the exclusive Universal® design uses patented cross-surface ignition that eliminates the need for spark plugs. 

Other features include the exclusive Universal® octagonal metal shell which increases structural integrity and strength. Metal air inlet grills are standard. Transport hardware (axle, wheels, chassis, handle) are standard on K100-FAT and K150-FAT.
For use with kerosene or #1 fuel oil. 
K150-FAT, up to 29,000 cu. ft.
Designed for long life and ease of service.
All kerosene units have a powder coated finish

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