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Hammer, Jack (Pneumatic Breaker) 30/40 Lbs

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HI-DUTY Available in Moil Point, Narrow Chisel, and 3” Chisel, the HI-Duty tools are made from a beefier round steel and are recommended where a heavier paving breaker hammer is used or resistance to fatigue or prolonged life is desired.

Accessories and Supplies

  • Clay Spade (1" x 4-1/4" Hex) - Clay Spades are thin and curved for cutting and removal of clay and hardpan. A heavier blade is furnished where usages are trenching, trimming, and general excavation
  • Bush Head Tool - The Bushing Tool levels or roughens uneven floors or walls prior to resurfacing. Also used to remove excess material such as concrete seepage after the pouring of a form.
Product Description
Hammer, Jack Pneumatic Breaker 30/40 Lbs

Choosing the Right Hammer






Breaking light concrete and other light jobs

Light Paving Breaker MPB-30A


35.5 lbs


Concrete road breaking and other general demo work

Medium Paving Breaker MPB-60A


69.5 lbs



Heavy demo work breaking tough, reinforced concrete

Heavy Paving Breaker MPB-90A


92 lbs


Product Description 30/40 LB Breaker

  • One piece housing eliminates side rods, springs and backhead bolts. 
  • Built-in lubricator helps assure adequate lubrication for increased durability. 
  • Ball valve throttle shuts off instantly when released, provides responsive control. 
  • Hardened alloy-steel cylinder resists wear, stands up to abuse. 
  • Grooved piston distributes oil uniformly over cylinder wall, reducing wear and maintenance downtime. 
  • Latch-type fronthead is foot-operated for rapid steel changing.

Product Description 60/70 LB Breaker

  • State-of-the-art non-metallic materials 
  • Internal lubricator 
  • Drop-in valve cartridge 
  • Powr-Strok™ piston cycle 
  • One-piece breaker housing 
  • Four-bolt backhead 
  • Ergonomically designed 
  • Unique metallurgy 
  • Variable exhaust deflector 
  • Patented anvil bushing 

Product Specifications (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

30/40 LB Breaker

Model NumberIngersoll Rand - PB35A
Part NumberPB35A
Chuck Size Hex withCollar in1" x 4 1/4"
Piston Stroke in6 2/5
Bore in1 3/4
Blows per Minute1250
Length in25
Weight lb43
Air Consumption cfm48

Model NumberIngersoll Rand - PB60
Part NumberPB60
Handle TypeT-Handle
Chuck Size Hex with Collar in1 1/8" x 6"
Weight lb60 Lbs Class
Length in27  1/2
Piston Bore inN/A
Piston Stroke inN/A
Blows per Minute1350
Air Inlet Size (NPT) in3/4
Muffler Kit Part NumberN/A
Air Consumption cfm50

Model NumberSullair - MPB9VA
Part NumberMPB9VA
Handle TypeT-Handle
Chuck Size Hex with Collar in1 1/4" x 6", 1 1/8" x 6"
Weight lb92.00
Length in27  1/2
Piston Bore in2  7/16
Piston Stroke in5  9/32
Blows per Minute1380
Air Inlet Size (NPT) in3/4 
Muffler Kit Part NumberN/A
Air Consumption cfm62