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  • Hammer, Chipping Air

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    • 3 Hour    $  35.00
    • Day         $  59.00
    • Week      $ 177.00
    • 4 Week   $ 531.00

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    • Standard Chisels ( Hammer, Chipping) - Scaling Chisels are used for variety of purposes such as chipping off rust or scale from metal surfaces, general cleanup work on concrete, cleaning up castings, and wherever a wide blade can be used for removal of unwanted or excess materials. Scaling Chisels come in blade widths of 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”,and 3”.

    Accessories and Supplies  (Purchase)

    • Bush Head Tool (Hammer, Chipping Air) The Bushing Tool levels or roughens uneven floors or walls prior to resurfacing. Also used to remove excess material such as concrete seepage after the pouring of a form. Only available for purchase.

    Product Description

    Hammer, Chipping Pneumatic

    Chipping Hammers

    These tools are very versatile in what they are used for. They can be used for carving rock, removing grout between brick, removing swimming pool surfaces, removing old or dried concrete from inside cement mixers, roughing up surfaces for new plaster, mortar, or cement. They can be used to knock out pins on equipment and for long reach applications. Chipping hammers are considered a step up from a regular pistol grip air hammer when trying to complete large surfaces of area. 

    Four Bolt Backhead 
    This unique design reduces handle breakage. The common problem of a threaded handle-to-barrel connection coming loose and damaging the handle and internal parts has been eliminated. 

    The strong “D” configuration is large enough to provide a comfortable, sure grip, even for a gloved hand. 

    Minimal Lubrication Required 
    With its unique design and materials, normal oil carry-over from the compressor, combined with moisture in the air, will usually provide sufficient lubrication under normal operating conditions.

    Product Specifications (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

    Specifications, Weights and Dimensions
    Weight17 3/4 lbs.
    Length15 1/4"
    Bore & Stroke1 1/8" X 3 3/4"
    Blows per Minute2280
    Air Consumption33 cfm
    Air Inlet3/8" NPT or 7/8"-24
    Shipping Weight19 lbs.
    Chuck Size.680 Round or .580 hex