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Solvent, Tacking - Hillyard Kleen-up Solvent (Gallon)

$64.12 $51.30

A special blend of highly refined solvents designed for tack ragging raw wood or between coats of seal and finish. It removes dust and dirt which may have settled on the surface and helps ensure good adhesion between coats. It is also perfect for cleaning tools and equipment used to apply solvent based waxes, seals, and finishes.

  • • Highly refined solvents evaporate quickly to save time.

  • • Leaves NO oily residue.

  • • Only 30 minutes dry time is needed before applying coating.

  • Specifications

  • AppearanceClear
    Dilution RateRTU
    Physical Hazard0
    ScentMineral Spirits
    Non Volatile Matter0.00%

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