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  • Cutter, Vinyl / Asphalt Tile

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    Model GU H-76-1

  • Cuts Clean Edges on All Types of Resilient Floor Tile -- Even Solid Vinyl Tile
  • Also Cuts Asphalt without Preheating, Vinyl, Composition, Rubber, Cork, Linoleum, Felt-Backed Vinyl, Marble Translucent Vinyl, and Marble Chip Epoxy Tiles
  • Expertly Designed to Give the Fastest, Most Convenient and Most Durable Cutter
  • Available Cutting Thickness, 1/4"
  • With Casters

  • Cutting Capacity -- 1/4" Thick
  • Weight -- 20 Lbs with Casters and Gauge
  • Overall Size -- 18" Wide x 18 1/2" Long x 8" High
  • Construction -- Steel and Aluminum Alloy Castings  
  • Model GU KA-12

    • Use This Tool to Make Square Cuts on 12" x 12" Vinyl Composition Tile and for Cutting Cove Base
    • Strong Aluminum Base has a Calibrated Rear Ledge for Fast Measurementg of Cuts
    • Hardened Steel Blades are Easily Replaced when Dull
    • Not for Solid Vinyl Tile
    • Weight 6 1/4 Lbs