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Cutter, Ceramic Tile - manual

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  •  Protractor gauge with a quick locking lever to allow any cut from square to 60°
  • Spring loaded front portion of the base for easier cutting
  •  Cushion grip handle with storage for a spare scoring wheel
  •  Dual chrome plated steel rail bars
  •  Sturdy die cast aluminum construction
  •  No. 22X 22 mm (7/8") diameter titanium coated solid carbide
  • scoring wheel mounted on a ball bearing for easy scoring and longest wheel life
  •  An oversize breaker foot with a replaceable hard rubber pad to prevent tile marking that also pivots to automatically adjust for cutting tile up to 3/4" thick
  •  A steel protector (3" long) mounted over the front edge of the breaker rail to prevent premature wear caused by cutting pressure from the underside of the tile
  •  Two 12" side arm extensions to help support larger tiles and a magnetic holding feature against the base
  •  Scale with dual inch and metric graduations
  • Excellent For Cutting Hard Tiles