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  • Cutter, Brick (Guillotine)

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    Product Description

    Mini Brick SplitterAt only 35 lbs this brick splitter easily travels from jobsite to jobsite. The opening is a full 5" high fitting a standard brick. standing up at an angle. The lever action increases your arm strength, making cuts with minimum effort. The blades are 4-1/2" wide, so it cuts most brick now in use. A 12" rule and square is built right into the Mini Splitter for accurate cuts.
    • Opening is 5" high to fit most bricks. A rule and square is included for accurate cuts.
    • Cuts are made w/ minimum effort
    • Used on Brick, Natural Stone and Concrete Product
    • Throat Opening - 5" high, Blade Span 4 1/2" 
    • Accurate Cuts-no waste
    • Can Reduce Material Length by as little as 1/4"
    • Completely Mechanical-No Hydraulics
    • Rugged, Simple, Maintenance-Free Design
    • 12" Rule and Square
    • Overall Height: 26"
    • Weight: 35 Pounds