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Compressor, Valve Lifter & Spring Compressor "Shorty"

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No. 122 Zim - AU15-0002

Valve Lifter & Spring Compressor

Unique lifter designed so that the jaws are practically parallel at all important positions.  No ratchet or other lock is needed as the tool holds automatically at any point.  Length 8-1/2"

The hand wheel is turned counterclockwise to compress and turned clockwise to lift a spring. No ratchet is needed. All steel except handle. Wearing parts are heat-treated.

No. 578 Cal-Van AU15-0001

"Shorty" Valve Lifter

For safe, sure, fast spring compression on all L head in-line engines using straight stem valves. Top jaw action keeps the end of the spring level at all times. Lifting capacity is 2-3/8". Overall length is 9-1/4".