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    Product Description

    This is a heavy-duty two stage cast iron compressor pump Made in Somerset, PA USA. It's splash lubricated and belt driven with a large flywheel for extra cooling and easier start-up.

    Product Specifications (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

    * Constant run control set at 105-125 PSI
    * High quality pilot valve
    * Pneumatic throttle idle control
    * Honda GX Series OHV Engine
    * Heavy-duty single stage cast iron compressor pump Made in USA
    * Splash lubricated
    * Belt driven with a large flywheel for extra cooling and easier start-up
    * Each unit is filled with Jenny Synthetic Blue Compressor Pump Oil
    * Directional air shroud for reduced pump temperatures
    * Totally enclosed heavy-duty belt guard
    * 8 & 15 gallon tanks are low profile, powder coated twin tank receivers
    * 17 and 30 gallon tanks are powder coated and ASME certified
    * Convenient lifting handles, Anti-vibration feet
    * Pneumatic tire(s), Protectively mounted fittings
    * Manual tank drain(s)
    * Large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements
    * Special unloading valves to assist in engine starting
    * Stainless steel braided discharge hose
    * Tank gauge, Regulator and outlet pressure gauge
    * Pressure relief safety valve
    * Single stage set 105 – 125 PSI Two stage set 145 – 175 PSI

    Product Description: MODEL # AC1-PE15-08M BASIC COMPRESSOR

    Single-stage compressor with 8-gallon
    tank receiver

    Important Features: 
    • Industrial OHV Honda/Vanguard engines
    • Industrial 1.5-horsepower, 120V UL-
    listed electric motor
    • Quality manufactured single-stage
    • Aluminum head and cast-iron cylinder
    and crankcase(1.5–6.0 HP model) 
    • Aluminum head and crankcase and cast-
    iron cylinder(6.5 HP model)
    • 12" flywheel for extra cooling and
    longer life
    • 14-gauge powder-coated belt guard
    • More CFM (9.5 and 10.4 at 100 PSI —
    • Powder-coated 8-gallon twin-tank
    • Auto start/stop on electric model 
    (continuous run optional)
    • Idle control on gasoline models
    • Pneumatic tires
    • Quality discharge line unloader (gas)
    • Two gauges for tank and outlet
    • Drain cocks for proper maintenance
    • Large canister intake filter
    • Splash lubrication 
    • Includes regulator

    Bore and Stroke 2-3/4" x 2"
    Head Aluminum Cylinder (2) Cast iron
    Crankcase Cast iron
    Compressor RPM 600
    CFM 6.5 @ 100 PSI
    Bearings Ball 12"