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Clutch Aligning Tool

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Product Description

No. 29 Cal-Van Clutch Aligning Tool (SAE)

With its six two-step pilots, this tool handles all twelve sizes ecessary for properly sligning clutch disc and pressure plate with pilot bearing in flywheel. Accurately machined and carefully heat=treated for long service. Set includes the following pilot sizes.

.561    .614    .668    .749    .812      .984

.590    .624    .718    .787    .874    1.180

No. 30 Cal-Van Metric Clutch Aligning Tool

Tool includes two 2-step pilots for application on most foreign cars and trucks. Pilot sizes 17 mm, 15.8 mm, 15 mm and 12 mm for use on Toyota, Opel, Fiat, Volvo, VW, Datsun, Mercedes Benz and others. Pilots plated with black ozide to avoid confusing with standard sizes.