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Cleaner & Degreaser, Mean Green (Gallon)



Mean Green's unique blend of biodegradable detergents is now stronger than ever before. Introducing Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser designed specifically to eliminate the cleaning and degreasing challenges faced by industrial users. 40% more cleaning ingredients produce improved and superior performance. Grease and Grime are quickly dissolved away. 30% more solvent and 20% more surfactants lift the strongest stains off all surfaces, from fabric to concrete. Plus, the entire formula is super charged by doubling the amount of our Chelating Agent. 


  • Super action formula
  • Most powerful cleaner/degreaser in its class
  • Widest range of applications
  • Environmentally safe formula


  • User friendly
  • Greatly reduces labor costs
  • Reduces the need for large inventory of cleaning products

Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner/Degreaser contains up to 60% more active ingredients than other cleaners and degreasers that make similar claims.



Dip Tanks: Full strength or up to 10-1. Removes cutting oils from machinery after manufacture, degreases engines, hydraulic cylinders, and any other heavily soiled parts without environmentally harmful solvents. Very effective at removing varnishes and carbon. Mean Green has a very slow evaporation rate and emits no harmful fumes.

Floor Scrubbers: Dilute 40-1. Pre-spray full strength on stains and heavily soiled areas.

Wax Stripper: Dilute 1 oz. Mean Green with 8 oz. hot water. Apply generously with mop to floor. Let stand to dissolve wax build-up. Use deck brush or floor scrubber for best results. Rinse.

Soap Scum: Full strength Mean Green is very effective on soap scum build-up in tubs and shower stalls. Spray Mean Green to evenly coat soap scum and allow to penetrate. Wipe with wet sponge and rinse.

Car and Truck Tires, Engines, Chassis Smoke Stacks, Trailers, truck Fuel Tanks, Painted Truck Tire Rims, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Fiber Glass Boat Hulls: Use full strength or 1-1. Mean Green is the most effective tire and engine cleaner available. Spray generously and evenly onto tires. Brush lightly if needed and rinse well with strong stream of water. To degrease engines, spray generously on cool engines (avoid contact with car finishes, may spot) and allow to penetrate grease. Rinse with strong stream of water. All other tough jobs, simply spray on and wipe or rinse with strong stream of water.

Oil Dispersant and Rig Cleaner: Full strength or 1-1. Mean Green is highly effective on oils as a replacement for solvents that are proven harmful to the environment. Apply Mean Green onto oils generously and allow to penetrate. Wipe or rinse with water.

Carpet Cleaning and Stains: Use 50-1 for commercial carpet steam cleaners. Use up to 8 oz. to each gallon of hot water for rental machines. Prespray spots and stains and follow machining instructions.

Pressure Washing: Use up to 50-1 with metered commercial machines and rental machines. Pressure wash trailers, houses, siding, concrete and brick, restaurant hoods, and many other washable surfaces.

Restaurants and Food Processing Plants: Use full strength or 1-1 for tough jobs. Use 4 oz. to each gallon of water for light duty cleaning. Great for removing cooking grease from equipment, walls, and floors. Mean Green is USDA Authorized for use in Federally Inspected Meat and Poultry Plants.

Lawn and Garden Equipment, Swimming Pools, Barbecue Grills, Garage Floors: Use full strength for up to 4-1. Spray on brush onto item to be cleaned and wipe or rinse with water.

Automotive Chrome Wire Wheels: Use full strength or 1-1. Spray Mean Green generously onto each wheel and allow to penetrate. Very effective on brake dust. Rinse well with strong stream of water.

Vinyl Tops and Upholstery: Use up to 6-1 Spray onto upholstery. Brush if needed and rinse.

Mean Green is a powerful concentrate. It's formulated for tough jobs that other cleaners cannot tackle. These dilution ratios are general recommendations. Use more or less Mean Green depending upon difficulty of task at hand.