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Chisel, (Hammer .680 Rd or .580 Hex)

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Product Description

Styles: .580 Hex Shank / Rd Collar  or  .580 Hex Shank / Oval Collar

The difference between the two styles is that round shank bits will rotate or turn in the tool while you are pressed against your work. This allows your bit to move freely and accommodate the surface you are working on such as a curved surface or rock.

A hex shank bit will not rotate in the tool. It will remain in the same exact position you place it in the tool. This allows you to chip straight lines out on surfaces. 

Note: .580” Hex bits will work in a .680” round bushed tool but .680” round shank bits will not work in a .580 Hex bushed tool. The hex bits will just spin around like round shank bits if you use them in a round bushed tool.