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Rack, Baking Sheet

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Whether you need to cool, transport, and store full size sheet pans or steam table of product, this rack accommodates up 20 of either with ease! The 3 1/4" wide pan slides accept all type pans for optimum versatility, 3" clearance between gives plenty room for deep loaded thick product. 

An essential addition to busy bakeries, cafeterias, coffee shops, and busy kitchens, this heavy weight full size aluminum sheet pan ensures efficiency when baking your signature confectionery delights! Perfect for baking cookies or broiling other foods, this rack can also be used as a cooling area when you transfer your sweet treats to it after cooking. 

When used with a compatible bun pan rack, this rack maximizes storage space in your kitchen. Its Durable 19 gauge aluminum construction makes it great for everyday use, while the natural finish is easy to clean and maintain. Use with compatible baking sheets or bun trays.

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