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  • Candle, Mechanical Wax

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    • No drips, no wilts, the safest way to have a real flame! Our mechanical candles are great for any candelabra application where a safe, but real flame is needed. Our mechanical candles have a spring that gently pushes upwards on the small wax candle refill inside so you always have the perfect flame, but none of the hassles. Our mechanical candles are 3/4" diameter and our rubber gripper ring is included if you need to go to 7/8'' diameter. Mechanical candles won't drip, wilt or melt down and work great in candelabras. Help minimize clean-up problems and damage to expensive decorating equipment, carpet and linen because under most draft conditions our mechanical candles won't drip. Safe because they will not burn down into flammable decorations, drip free and reusable! Refills available. Available in a wide range of colors and in 8", 12", or 15" lengths.

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