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  • Candle, Mechanical battery

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    Dress up tables and other areas within your venue with our LED taper candles. More event planners, couples and others are discovering the benefits of going with flameless candles over traditional wax. Wax tends to melt and can create difficult spills on expensive table linens and décor. An open flame is a fire hazard and can produce smoke that can take away from your carefully planned atmosphere.

    Instead of dealing with the common wax candle headaches, you can get the same gorgeous light with our LED taper candles! These beautiful luminaries are just as elegant and versatile but aren’t made of melt-able wax. The exterior is pure white with a smooth texture that’s easy on the eyes and delightful to touch. Since there’s no open flame, the candle stays cool so it is safe even if a curious guest does touch it!

    The top includes a wavy rim that recreates the look of a gently used candle. A faux flame rises from the center and glows when the candle is switched on. This model stands 12” high. We also carry the same candle in an 8” size so you can get the perfect fit for your venue. Both include a 7/8” diameter.

    Each LED candle operates using two AA batteries (not included). 

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