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  • Blade, Air Chisel Scraler Trelawny



    Trelawny Scraper Blades

    • Scraper blade for use with the Long reach & Python Scalers with 5/8” chisel holder.
    • Ideal for removal of paint, printing ink, impacted soil, linoleum, adhesive compounds.
    • Ideal for removal of impacted soil, linoleum, carpet, tiles, adhesive compounds.
    • Sharp edge perfect to remove thin set, stubborn adhesive removal, paint and coating spillage removal, carpet & tile.
    • Beveled edge for breaking through surfaces and removing carpet, tile, linoleum from glued surfaces and stubborn adhesive removal.
    • Scraper blades available in  8" and 12" sizes and Sharp or Beveled edges.
    • Scraper blade holder is required.