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    Banjo drapes are considered the industry standard for convention centers, trade shows, job fairs, and other expos due to its low cost and inherently flame retardant characteristic. This medium weight material has a slight sheen and features an irregular thread pattern throughout. There is a brighter shine (almost a "sparkle") at the areas where the threads are the thickest. 

    • Our Banjo drapes are Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR)
    • The drape is 2" shorter than listed to avoid pooling on the floor. Available in 3' or 8' lengths (4' Wide).  
    • The drapes are not pre-pleated; they are sewn flat and can be gathered by hand on a support rod (crossbar). 
    • Rod pockets (approx. 4") are sewn into the top and bottom. 
    • 100% Polyester; machine washable and dryer safe*. 
    • A minimum of four drapes are recommended per 10 foot wide span (for approx. 60% fullness/gathering). 
    • Approximately 50% - 60% opaque (light blocking). 
    • -This opacity percentage is an estimate only, and for normal / standard lighting situations. A variety of factors can affect the opacity of a fabric, including where it is being used (near a wall vs. dividing the middle of a room), light sources (such as hanging in front of a window with sunlight shining in, etc.), and the amount of fullness in the material (the amount of "bunching").
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