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  • Animal Trap, Live

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    An ideal wildlife management tool. These rugged traps are built to withstand the constant use, high demand needs of conservation agencies, animal control officers, and professional trappers.  

    Made of heavy galvanized steel wire with super fast spring-loaded door and a special locking system that makes them perform at almost any angle. An adjustable trigger release makes the traps easy to bait and set. Convenient handle allows trap to double as an animal carrier. 

    Several sizes available.
    Images and brands are for information purposes only; available models and configurations may differ.

    Suggested Baits for Trapping Animals

    Suggested Baits
    Rats, Weasles, Chipmunks, Flying Squirrelscheese, peanuts, nuts, cereal, apples, seeds
    Rabbit, Mink, Squirrelsfresh vegetables, cereals, nuts
    Muskrat, Ferretfresh vegetables, carrots, apples
    Skunks, Woodchucks, Porcupines, Oppossums, Stray Catcrisp bacon, fish, fresh vegetables, cat food
    Racoons, Bobcat, Nutriacrisp bacon, fish, fresh vegetables, cat food