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  • Air Scraper w/ 5 Ft Handle (Trelawny Long-Reach)

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    Pneumatic scraper with blade holder. Blades sold separately. Chisel steel bit available for rental.

                    Rental Rates

    • 3 Hour    $    44.00
    • Day         $    59.00
    • Week       $  178.00   
    • 4 Week    $  356.00 
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    Product Description

    Quick Overview

    5ft (1500 mm) Long Reach Chisel Scaler (Steel)

    Trelawny Long Reach Scalers range provides a wide range of tools and accessories including Needle Scaling Attachments, Scraper Blades, and a full range of 5/8 inch hex chisels to maximise scaling versatility.

    5ft Long Reach Scaler Features:

    • The most flexible tool for all kinds of cleaning, scraping and scaling applications
    • High efficiency low consumption compressor. Air required is only 126 litres per minute (2HP compressor)