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  • Trailer, Utility Tilt-Bed

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    Product Description

    Demco is a major supplier of tow dollies in the rental industry. All the major national rental companies use Demco tow dollies because of its rugged construction and minimal maintenance requirements.

    Product Specifications (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

    • G.V.W.R. 5980 lbs. Trailer weight - 1460 lbs. 
    • Overall trailer length 20 ft., Bed length 14 ft. 
    • Overall width 8.5', Bed width 82". 
    • Bed height 19". 
    • Max loading degree incline 15 degrees. 
    • Demco industrial duty surge brake actuator. 
    • Surge brakes on all four wheels with self-adjusting uni-servo brake clusters. 
    • 14" radial tires 205-75-R14. 
    • 2" coupler 
    • Ratchets and tie down chains are standard. 
    • Aluminum extruded floor panels with raised ridges for no-skid loading. 
    • Rubber torsion axle suspension. 
    • New Departure Hyatt Hubs and Spindles. Never repack wheel bearings again. 
    • Double action screw jack to raise and lower bed of trailer.
    Trailer Safety