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  • Plate, Clear Glass 8"

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    Serve a side salad or slice of your signature chocolate cake on this Libbey 15427 Moderno 8" glass salad / dessert plate! Specifically designed for individual appetizers and desserts, this glass plate will add a contemporary feel to the tables or dining area at your restaurant, bistro, or catered event. Its upscale, crystal-clear construction boasts an ample rim to frame each dish and allow for creative food presentations. Plus, this plate's versatile, 8" size even allows you to serve small entrees or sandwiches. 

    Thanks to a special thermal after-process applied to this plate, you can rest assured that it has exceptional durability to match its looks! This DuraTuff treatment is designed to increase the product's resistance to mechanical and thermal shock while also making it safer to use. When a normal glass plate breaks, it typically shatters into tiny pieces that can cause harm to customers and staff, contaminate food, and create downtime as your staff cleans up every little piece. DuraTuff items, on the other hand, tend to break into larger pieces, shortening cleanup and making them a much safer alternative for everyone in your restaurant. 

    • Ideal for serving salads and desserts at restaurants, bistros, and catered events
    • Adds a contemporary feel to tables and dining areas
    • Ample rim frames each dish
    • Upscale, crystal-clear construction
    • DuraTuff treated to increase resistance to mechanical and thermal shock
    • Offers unparalleled brilliance and clarity
    • Microwave safe
    • Dishwasher safe
    Height3/4 Inches
    Bottom Diameter3 1/8 Inches
    Top Diameter6 1/4 Inches
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