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  • Airless Paint Sprayer

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    Coro Chek pump conditioner provided for clean-up.


    Accessories and Supplies

    Product Description

    1. Easy Out Manifold Filter 
    2. SmartControl Pressure Control 
    3. Industry-Leading Ultra Gear Drive 
    4. Exclusive TEFC DC Motor 
    5. Time-Tested Endurance Pump 
    6. SwivelHose 

    • Ultras have the SmartControl Pressure Control for the most consistent spray fans at all pressures 
    • The Ultra Gear Drive is durable and long lasting 
    • Exclusive TEFC DC Motor is dependable under the harshest conditions 
    • The Endurance Pump is reliable and easy to maintain in the field

    Key Applications

    • Interior/Exterior Residential 
    • New Construction 
    • Repaint/Remodel 
    • Light Commercial 
    • Property Maintenance

    Key Materials

    • Lacquers 
    • Stains 
    • Enamels 
    • Latex 
    • Acrylic